Sunday, March 27, 2011

Got a few items addressed this weekend. Installed the 3 point shoulder seat belts that came with the seat. Work pretty nice. I don't think the seat belt law in Indiana is retroactive to older vehicles that did not originally come with them, but I wanted them anyway. Also got the horn working. since converting to 12 volts the originals wouldn't work so I found a newer pair at a pic-a-part. Cleaned up the rust around the horn ring and steering wheel and they work great. Found a period correct pair of fog lights and swapped out the later models I had on the front splash apron. I am pretty sure the truck had a set on it originally as they was a wire near the apron and 2 holes in it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Latest progress

Got the front "knee action" shocks installed this week. Had to repair a couple of pieces on each due to corrosion but connected in the stock fashion. Changed the handling quite a bit. Now to get new tube shocks for the lowered rear end. Got the rest of the door and window seals in (man it is alot quieter), and discovered a water leak in the heater core. Recently cleaned it out, clogs must have been sealing the leak. Still looking into door paint ideas.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Goal was Reached!

The main reason I started down this rebuild road was to be able to tow my 1947 teardrop camper with something a little more period correct, than a '00 GMC. I reached that goal today, getting the hitch and wiring completed and towing the camper to a local turn of the century house for a few photos!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finally got the overheating problem under control. Had to flush the radiator several times to get the many years of accumulated junk out of the block. Of course sitting for 38 years didn't help either. Had truck up to 54 MPH yesterday...I think think engine really likes this transmission. Also turn 100 miles since getting it running. Hey it;s a milestone! Used my GPS unit to verify the speed and miles because the speedo is a little off. Installed a flip-up license plate bracket to hide the hitch receiver and working on new tailgate supports. They will either be cables or the older flat pivoting bar style. In the meantime, I decided to try a different seat. Found a 3rd row bench out of an Astro van. Fits real nice..working on mounting brackets. The leg room is tremendously better! May recover the door panels to a lighter color!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well finally got the turn signals done. Tried to use separate lights for the rear but the kit I bought had to be used in conjunction with the brake lights so tied into that circuit instead. The front park lamps were re-wired for turn signal use. Also, got the new gas tank sender installed and now have working gas gauge...woohoo! Received new weatherstripping recently so next up is replacing all around doors and windows. Been driving off and on different days and still drives real nice. Driving on bias tires was a re-learning curve but not too bad. Stopped at the local home center today for some wiring connectors and had 3 people come over to check out the truck. Now that makes it really worth the effort!!