Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Started the complete re-wire on the '48 Monday. Did not actually re-wire the truck when I got it running originally, or when I put the the 283 in, and it still had the glass barrel fuses in and a few of the old cloth wire coverings. So I bought an EZ wire kit, tore everything out, and started from scratch. So far so good, I am not using a modern column but the original with one of those inexpensive clamp-on turn signal set-ups, so changing the plugs and hard wiring the turn signals has been the hardest part. It did start today, and the lights all work. Also re-routed the wires so they are lower on the firewall and hidden better. And installed loom in places. Pretty cool kit.  Has many circuits I will probably never use but they are there just in case. Also has a fuseable link in line before the batt to solenoid for complete safety! Hell they all may have that feature for all I know.

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