Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been away for awhile. Truck has been doing good overall. Still have a clutch chatter issue, primarily in reverse.
Drove down to Beatersville in Louisville on Memorial day. Three of us local guys with old trucks went down for the day. Great show...went by myself last year, with the original 216. The 283 did great...averaged 16 mpg.
Got a little warm in the line to enter the show. The old mechanical fan is now gone, in favor of an electric one. Currently on a switch, but need to order a controller.
Loading the truck in preparation to tow the '57 Metzendorf camper to a vintage camper rally in Terre Haute . First real load on truck and motor.
Had to replace the passenger side shock and spring. Cut the spring too short, and damaged the shock. Already did the drivers side.
Added some moon caps to the drivers side for a comparison. Think I am gonna buy a full set.
Here is the latest pic of the combo...

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