Sunday, April 22, 2012

Took care of a few issues recently. Had a front engine mount break taking the mounting boss with it. Luckily it was on the passenger side, as the drivers side has conflicts with the steering connections. Had to fab up a steel mount for the conventional side mounting position. This actually isn't a bad thing, as it frees up space for a mechanical fuel pump, which I may switch back to. The front mount actually was right in the way of the lower radiator hose, and I had to use a heavy sleeve over it so now that is a non issue. Had the heater core leak repaired, and on a cool drive yesterday, the first real continuous drive, about 100 miles thru rolling curving country roads, the heater leaked worse than before the repair. Truck did well otherwise. Rebuilt speedo works, odometer isn't very accurate. Heat still stays 160 even with a 180 deg thermo. Still cannot get small hesitation out if carb. Have all new clutch components and still have a clutch chatter. May to to remove all once again and have pressure plate and flywheel resurfaced.

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